How to Switch Job from Production to Design Engineering

Design engineering jobs are trending nowadays and jobs in production engineering are getting slow growth and limited salary that’s why people wants to know how to switch job from production to design engineering.

What is production engineering?

When the raw material converted into a finished product with the help of a standard manufacturing process and every step is followed with the mechanical production method.
For example, if a manufacturing company is working on the production of the piston then they will use the casting process for manufacture so for the entire company this process will run every time without major changes.
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What is Design Engineering?

Design is a very initial step of every manufacturing or service providing industry. Before manufacturing any product, the product should conceptualize what it means how the product will look like and what is the standard drawing and what will be a standard process for manufacturing.
CAD and CAE software play a major role in design engineering because in the digital world many industries are shifting from manual to digital work environments, So the design is executed on 2D and 3D CAD software.

Why do production engineers want to switch jobs to design engineering?

There are many reasons behind to switch job from production to design engineering are below,

1. Work environment

This is the biggest reason to change jobs from production to design. Black hand jobs are in production, then the work environment seems like you have to make your hand in black and always have to keep an eye on the process,
Some of the operations are very noisy and they get irritated, so they don’t want such a kind of regular environment.

2. Working Hours and Shift

Production industries are working 24×7 so people are working every hour and the shift of production engineer is always in rotation mode like sometimes day some times afternoon and sometimes at the night also. So they get frustrated, they can manage their personal life.

3. Limited Growth

This one is a major factor because the position-wise growth is very slow, just an example, if a production engineer has more than 5-year experience then he will reach senior engineer position and the manager role will get after 10+ years, but in design engineering, people can get manager role just in 5+ years it depends on their skills.

4. Salary Growth

Salary growth is also a major challenge in production engineering. Starting salary package is very low and after getting experience the salary growth rate is also low so after 5yr the average salary of production engineering in India is around 35-40k while in design engineering you can get more than 50-60k it depends on skills and after 5 years the salary will raise like in compounding mode.

5. Innovative Skills

The production method is predefined and all process is run with the standard method so very less opportunity to learn new thing in production engineering after having experience but in design engineering and everyday new technology comes and very good opportunity to learn and grow in design,

How to switch jobs?

Now let’s talk about how to switch jobs So, the most important trick is required skills to get a job in design and we have to understand which kind of skills are.

1. Core Design Skills

Core design skill means the purely technical skills which are required, So few important technical skills are below,

  • Knowledge of at least one CAD software like AutoCAD/ SOLIDWORKS/ CATIA/ CreO/ Nx
  • Industrial Design Standards
  • Fast drawing reading skills
  • Must have knowledge of mechanical design process(like gear design, cam profile design, boiler, and heat pump design, etc)
  • Must have knowledge of basic engineering drawing (Angle of projection, dimensioning systems, types of sketches, tolerance system, limit, fits, scaling, etc.)
  • Must have knowledge of GD&T,
  • Knowledge of industrial material grade,

2. Professional Ability

  • Communicate to the vendor for production,
  • Able to manage quality and design simultaneously,
  • Must be a good learner,
  • Must have Creative thinking ability,

Does Experience Level Require?

If a person wants to switch job from production to design he has definitely some experience, but when then will apply for design then they will consider as a fresher but if you can explain interview question wisely (checkout video) then the interviewer will definitely consider as an experienced candidate.
Hope this article helped you a lot, if any query please comment below, Thankyou.

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