How to Switch Job from Quality Control To Design Engineering

Most of the mechanical engineers want to switch their jobs from quality control to design engineering, and they want to know how to switch job from quality control to design engineering.
Nowadays, the design engineering domain is getting a wider area of engineering and it is a white-collar job for engineers. Design engineering is based on CAD-CAM software and the skills of CAD can make a bright career for mechanical engineers.
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So there is much reason to switch jobs from quality to design,

  • Limited growth in quality but no limit of growth in design,
  • Advantage of innovation in a career in design, but less innovation in quality,
  • The salary growth rate is less in quality,
  • Work from anywhere in design engineering,
  • Job security is high in design engineering as compare to the quality,
  • Increment and position are based on CAD skills but experience level is more demanding in quality as compared to skill,

Skill Required to Get Job in Design Engineering

Technical Skill Required

  • Knowledge of at least one software in design like AutoCAD/ SOLIDWORKS/ CATIA/ CreO/ Nx
  • Knowledge of industrial design/ industrial work process,
  • Quick drawing reading skill,
  • Must be aware of all mechanical production process,
  • Must have knowledge of basic engineering drawing (Angle of projection, dimensioning systems, types of sketches, tolerance system, limit, fits, scaling, etc.)
  • Must have knowledge of GD&T,
  • Knowledge of industrial material grade,

Managerial Skill

  • Communicate to the vendor for production,
  • Able to manage quality and design simultaneously,
  • Must be a good learner,
  • Must have Creative thinking ability,

Experience Level Required?

Experience level depends on company to company and also on your design knowledge, if a person has very good knowledge of design engineering then they can apply a job for experience level, and if a person has basic knowledge then he should apply for fresher.
A quality engineer has already experienced in quality so they have a bit knowledge of design as well, So if they do more effort in design knowledge then they can apply for an experienced design engineering job.

Production engineering knowledge required?

The design engineer should knowledge of every mechanical department. Either it is quality or production. So yes production engineering knowledge must be required for designers.
Types of the machining process, fabrication process, casting process, standard welding symbols, surface finishing symbols, types of material, and its standard codes are the most important knowledge required for every designer.

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