New Features in AutoCAD 2020

If you really want to know What’s new in AutoCAD 2020 then this article would be vital for you to improve your skill.

AutoCAD® 2020 programming incorporates industry-explicit toolsets; improved work processes across the work area, web and versatile; and new highlights, for example, the Blocks palette.

  • autocad-new-features-2020

    AutoCAD on any Machine

    View, alter and make drawings in AutoCAD on for all intents and purposes any gadget – work area, web, or portable

  • autocad-new-features-2020-2

    Cloud storage Network

    Access any DWG record in AutoCAD with Autodesk’s cloud, just as with driving distributed storage suppliers.

  • autocad-new-features-2020-Blocks palette

    Blocks Tool palette

    Insert blocks proficiently from a most currently used list with visual galleries. (video: 1.07 min.)

  • autocad-new-features-2020-mouse

    Quick measure Command

    Display all nearby measurements in a drawing very easy by hovering your mouse. (video: 37 sec.)

  • autocad-new-features-2020-Xref

    Improved DWG compare command

    It can Compare two versions of a drawing without closing your current window. (video 1.05 min.)

  • autocad-new-features-2020-Purge-experience

    Purge redesign Command

    We can remove multiple unused and overlapped objects at once with easy selection and object preview. (video 1.11 min.)

  • autocad-new-features-2020-time

    Performance improvements Feature

    Now Experience enhanced in speed with faster save time and 50% faster installation time for SSD drives.

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