AutoCAD Job Interview

AutoCAD Job Interview Questions | Crack Interviews with 10 CAD Topics | How to Get Design Engg Job

  • Minimum and maximum number of sides of polygon in AutoCAD,

(a)  4 & 1034                                                                                                      (b) 5 & 1024

(c)  3 & 1024                                                                                                      (d) 3 & Infinite

  •   Permanent ‘Line Weight’ Change feature started from which version of AutoCAD?

(a)  2022                                                                                                              (b) 2021

(c)  2023                                                                                                              (d) 2020

(a)  To add symbols in drawing                                                  (b) To add TAG, PROMPT & DEFAULT

(c)  To add TAG, PROPERTY & SYMBOLS                                  (d) To add TAG, SYMBOLS & DEFAULT

  •   Which command uses after ATTRIBUTE

(a)  Block                                                                                                             (b) Dynamic Block

(c)  Layer                                                                                                             (d) Parametric Geometry

  •   File location of saved blocks with using simple block command,

(a)  Design Centre                                                                                                             (b) Design Data

(c)  Design File                                                                                                                   (d) Design Tool

  •  Use of TOOL PALETTES command.

(a)  Use 3D model in current drawings                              (b) Insert standard symbols of different category

(c)  Modify drawing objects                                                 (d) Insert blocks

  •  Size of A4 sheet is ____ times of A0,

(a)  1 /4.5                                                                                                            (b) 3/4

(c)  2/4                                                                                                                 (d) ¼

  •   Can we modified any command short-key in AutoCAD?

(a)  Yes                                                                                                              (b) No

(c)  Yes, but only for some commands                                                        (d) Not Sure

  •   Which property we can’t match in AutoCAD with MATCH PROPERTY command?

(a)  Dimension Text                                                                                                          (b) Size of Sketch

(c)  Layer Transparency                                                                                                   (d) Block Colour

  •   Which feature is not available in AutoCAD LT version

(a)  Action Macros                                                                                                              (b) 3D Design

(c)  DWG Compare                                                                                                             (d) Drafting

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