Preparation For Government or Private Job Which one is best for Mechanical Engineers

मैकेनिकल और सिविल इंजीनियर्स को Govt. जॉब करनी चाहीये Private नौकरी

It is very difficult to find a job for mechanical and civil engineers nowadays. They always get in trouble after pass out of college. Fresher never knows which career path would be better for themselves. They always confuse about a government job or a private job.
Preparation for government or privet jobs are these two options that are very common for every mechanical and civil engineer.
But before taking a decision for the government or privet job, every engineer should know the advantages and disadvantages of government jobs and private jobs.
We have set some important points so that it will describe it better to understand the government or private job.
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1. Job Security in Both Government or Private job

Government Jobs: It has a very good advantage of job security in a government job and our entire life will be secure. We don’t need to worry about the jobless.
Private Jobs:  It has moderate job security but the privet jobs always depend on the market, so if you will choose less market crisis area then the chance of job security will be high in the private sector also.

2. Initial Effort:

Government Jobs: Preparation of government jobs is always taking a huge effort to achieve. It is a long term process but totally depends of your daily effort.
Private Jobs:  Initial effort for privet jobs is very low. We don’t need to wait for many years, maybe it takes few months but engineers can start a privet job instantly.

3. Salary

Government Jobs: Salary is moderate but satisfactory. Income is defined for everyone who is working on a similar pay scale. Salary will be limited after a certain period of time
Private Jobs:  Initial salary will be very low in the privet sector but after the experience, the salary will be hike quickly. Income will totally depend on skills. No limit of Salary in a privet sector. The minimum can be 8k and the maximum can be 5lakhs per month salary.

4. Skill Development

Government Jobs: Skill development is limited in government jobs. You can develop your skill during preparation but after joining government jobs, very less chance to learn new skills. This is a major disadvantage of government jobs.
Private Jobs:  Private jobs always depend on skill development and a huge chance to learn new skills. Private jobs always provoke to develop skills and grow in a professional career. So it’s a very good advantage in the private sector.

5. Growth

Government Jobs: Growth in terms of money and position in government jobs is fixed and we can forecast growth for entire life. Growth is satisfactory in government jobs.
Private Jobs:  There is no limit to growth in terms of money and position. It totally depends on your effort and skills.

How to take a decision on Preparation of Government  or  Private Job

We have defined five major points and with the help of these points, you will be able to take perfect decisions for yourselves.

1. Find Interest

Interest will distinguish what to do either government or private job
This is the basic thing that you need to think at the beginning. Find your interest that what you are actually want to do if you are thinking that you want to live normal lives and don’t need to work too much for entire life but you can give 100 percent at a time then go for preparation.
But if you are thinking that you don’t want to stable for your whole life and want to grow every moment also want dynamic life then you should go for the private job sector.

2. Evaluate Yourselves

It is very important to judge yourselves, it means that do you have the ability to fuel effort in preparation and you can study 5-6 hours daily for 2 or 3 years until not achieve the goal. If you are such kind of person then you should go to the preparation.
And if you are not able to study more than 5 hours for such a long period of time and your mind is not stable during study then don’t go for preparation, go for a privet job.

3. Patience Level

Think about your patience level, if you have a very good patience level and you can wait for success till a long period without giving up then go for government job preparation.
If your patience level is instantaneous and you can’t wait for a long time then definitely go for a private job.

4. Find your Basic Nature

If you are a Stable person and want to live with stability in your life then definitely go for government job preparation.
If you are not stable and always live dynamically, you should go for a private job.

5. Family Support

If you have strong family support (financially & mentally) and they will not pressurize for a job then you should go for government job preparation.
If your family will not support you in terms of financially and they need your financial support then don’t think anymore and go fo a privet job.
All the above things are described on the basis of the practical life of an engineer, but always do remember….
“None path is wrong, but the difference is how you will get success on those paths in your ways.”
कोई भी मार्ग गलत नहीं होते, लेकिन अंतर यह है कि आप अपने तरीकों से उन रास्तों पर कैसे सफलता प्राप्त करतें हैं

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