These days getting critical to get a job in the private sector, due to industrial economy and world-wide health and safety issues.

Everyone is facing difficulties, in which the engineering design field is also facing issues like fewer jobs in the market, fewer wages, overtime workload, industrial growth, future exposure, learning chances, and many more.

But all the above issues are also involved with another engineering sector as well but few of them are rising as compared to others like computer science and IT sector.

These areas are growing so that the professional of other areas are thinking to switch into IT sector. But they don’t know what will happen after getting experience in their core domain then they will switch to the IT sector.  So first of all we need to understand is it beneficial and if yes or not the for whom it is beneficial.

The reason behind switch to IT Sector

  • Due to less industrial growth in electrical, mechanical, civil, and electronic design and high growth in the IT sector.
  • High salary package in the ID sector,
  • White-collar job, timing,
  • Most MNC companies are in the IT sector,

Why do we need to switch?

  • It depends on person to person if someone has an interest in software and IT sector then they should need to switch,
  • If you are a fresher or just started in the design domain then you can switch,
  • If you want to move abroad,

Why we don’t need to switch?

  • If you have more than 2 years of exp then you should not switch to another domain because you will count as a fresher. So your previous knowledge and experience will be zero.
  • If you don’t have an interest in the IT sector then you must not switch, because you can’t perform well as you can do in your core domain,
  • Design engineering has lots of opportunities for learning purposes as compared to the IT sector, so you can find better opportunities if you have skills,
  • If you want a secure job then design engineering has huge potential for job security but in the IT sector, there is no job security, as we have seen in the COVID situation. Maximum job loss in the IT sector.

So overall if you are looking for growth then don’t judge just only on the basis of money, we should always analyze all parameters like salary, job security, learning, positional growth, and interest. After that, we can take the perfect decision for our careers.  

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