How to Start Career in Design Engineering

Do you want to start a career in design engineering after pass out of college then this article would be very helpful for your career? We have defined a few steps which will help to start a professional career.
These steps will help for mechanical and civil both design engineering.
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Few Steps are listed below:

Design Engineering Knowledge

1. CAD Software Knowledge

If you really want to know how to start a career in a design engineer then knowledge of CAD software is must be required. At least one software knowledge required for a designer to start a career.
The beginning software would be AutoCAD and SOLIDWORK for mechanical and Revit/ Staad.Pro is for civil engineering, so knowledge of this software is must be required to start a career in mechanical and civil design engineering.

2. Basic Engineering Drawing Knowledge

A final year students should also require knowledge of engineering drawing. Every engineering student learned engineering drawing books in their first year. The content of this book would be very helpful for every design engineer.
Some other books knowledge is also required like material science, thermodynamics, and machine design, these books are very helpful for those who start a career in design engineering.

Projects on Design Engineering

A final year students should work on a design project and those projects should be innovative because this will make an impressive resume and it makes a first good impression on the interviewer.
Projects should be innovative and prepared on your own.


You should also try to work as an internship in design-related companies. If a final year students have two or three-month internship experience then the fresher tag will be removed.
and the company will prefer you as compared to a completely fresher candidate.
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Industrial Design Knowledge

Industrial design knowledge is must required for every mechanical and civil design students.

Some major area of knowledge in industrial design,

  1. Professional Design Experience
  2. Material Knowledge
  3. Quality Control
  4. Quality Standard
  5. Production Methode & Techniques
  6. Market Analysis

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Have this knowledge the next  things would be how to find jobs,

How to Find Jobs

1. Prepare Effectively resume

A resume is the first impression of you in from of the interviewer, so you should make sure that your resume. Check out this video this will help you to build an impressive resume.
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2. Apply on Genuine Job Portals

Upload your resume on, indeed, linked and other portals, and you should open your profile daily and update every day.

3. Search Design Company Daily

You should search 10 company names on google on a daily basis and do it for 30 days, you should take it as a challenge.  You can directly call or email them.

4. Consistency and Continuity

All the above steps would be not at once but also you should work on it continuously without any break if you are really dedicated.
Important Note: There are no other methods to start a career in design, so you should work on above trick continuously.

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