How to Get Job During LockDown

How to get job during lockdown: Most people have left their job these days lockdown even the fresher is also struggling to find a job and they are not able to start their careers.
Whatever the job field either in design engineering or apart from engineering like multimedia, BPO, production as well as management and finance industries also the job crisis is running these days.
But if the people are not getting a job and they are struggling to find the job, it doesn’t mean that job is not in the market, it means that we need to change our technique to find the job.
Because these days most of the industries are started working from home. All IT industries all kinds of white-collar job and blue-collar job and most of the finance industries is also started working from home.
So it is important to understand that how to search a job during the work from home environment scenario.
But it is important that we need to be a focus on three kinds of necessities before started searching for a job.
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1. Why you need this job?
2. What kind of job you require?
3. When you want to start your job career?

So all the above three factors are very important to find a job because you need to understand what is your requirement for the job, and what type of job you need, and what is the deadline to find your job. Once you decided on all these three necessities then definitely you will find your professional job within your deadline.
Let’s talk about how to find a job  during or after the lockdown
Top 5 tricks to finding a job during lockdown

1. Must be updated on Social Job Portals like on Linkedin,, etc

Top 5 Job Portals in India

  • Linkedin
  • Indeed
  • Fresher world
  • Upwork

It is very important that you must be e updated on the above job portals because during the lockdown all industries and companies are only contacted online through these job portals,
Make an effective resume and upload over all these platforms and create an effective profile with 100% complete information over the, LinkedIn, and all those sites and do remember you must be login every day from 10:00 a.m. in the morning to 12:00 p.m. afternoon and this process you must be followed till next 30 days.
2.  Get core Skill jobs via Web search
These days have lots of people with lots of skills in the market so every industry has faced difficulties to find a good skilled and core knowledge candidate from the market.
So a fresher or experienced candidate is facing a problem to getting a job, in the same manner, the companies are also facing to find a good candidate as per their requirements so you need to work on your core skills, don’t run in the rat race with common job skill.
You need to choose a specified skill and develop those skills then search for these jobs directly on Google and definitely, you will able to find a job quickly.
For example, if you have the skill in windshield design then you can directly search a job for windshield design keyword then you can see lots of jobs will display and directly contact those companies and those jobs are 100% genuine because you searched very specified skill job.

3. Create a bucket list of companies

Most of the industries always post a large number of vacancies like tech Mahindra posted jobs in BPO industries, Wipro, Infosys, TCS are always post a huge number of vacancies in IT sector,
so you can also find top companies as per your skill and your experience and create a bucket list of those companies and you need to apply and check their website on a weekly basis so that you must be aware of the updates through the websites of your skilled industries.

4. Contact Consultancies

These days most of the consultancies are fake but not all so you need to find genuine consultancies in your area of the cities where you are working.
If you are living in Pune, Delhi, Bangalore, then you can find the top consultancies who are genuine and they don’t charge also from the candidate so you can contact them and daily check the job from their end.
Last but not the least

5. C2C Technique

If on a boat technique is not working then you should try the C2C technique it means cal to company technic this method depends on your consistency and luck.
You can directly search the company name as per your skills on Google and find the contact number of the company’s HR and call them directly and ask for the jobs.
Most of the time they reject but if you will work ok on daily basis and call 10 companies daily then definitely this technique will work and within one month you will definitely find your job but this technique needs consistency.

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