How to Make Design Portfolio for Job Interview

How to Create Design Portfolio for Job Interview: These day most of the interviewer ask about your design portfolio for current job role and most of the candidate do not understand what it is and how to make design portfolio. So we need to understand what it is and how to create it.

What is Design Portfolio

Whatever the design and projects you have worked in past as an independent designer or in an organization which should be showed on a single online/ offline platform is called design portfolio.

If we talk in depth then if you have created any creative and unique design of parts or assembly at student time then you can show at single online or offline platform.

If you have also worked as a freelancing design project for an organization or in your current and past company then you can mentioned it with complete details.

How to Make Design Portfolio

The CAD design portfolio can be made on some online sites also offline as a pdf documents.

1. Offline Design Portfolio:

Offline work is also used by MS word where you can mentions your design projects in detail from student life to till now with 2D/3D design and good quality images. Some points need to consider during making of professional design portfolio. You should create via word or powerpoint presentation and keep it in soft copy, you can also keep it in hard copy.

2. Online Design Portfolio:

These days many websites are provide services to make your professional portfolio for all kind of jobs. The online platform looks like profession and easy user interface to understand by interviewer. So one of the best online site for design engineer is GRABCAD where you can create your login profile and start making a profession and handsome looking design portfolio.

Grabcad has huge kind of service provider, It is also a community of designers around the world.

You can go to the library section and create an account and mention about yourself. Once profile details is completed the you can go to upload section and you can upload your CAD file make sure your CAD design should be only your not copied of others.

There are some basics and technical details which should be consider during creating the design portfolio:

Basic Details

  • Objectives of your designed projects,
  • Resources of design,
  • Benefits and advantages,
  • Market value,
  • Difference between your product and existing market product,

Technical Details

  • 3D design must be as per standard specific dimensions,
  • 2D drafting should contain clear dimensions with GD&T details,
  • Don’t show each parts if your project is large assembly, just show the whole assembly,
  • If you have also prepared the motion video or simulation study the also mention it will be advantage for you.
  • Add good quality rendered picture,

About you

It is also required to mention about your selves, so that interviewer can understand about your skills and technical strength, but don’t elaborate in detail just mention in short so that he/ she can know about your project skills.

Download Example of Design Engineer Portfolio

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