How to Become Diploma Engineer to Design Engineer

How to Become Diploma Engineer to Design Engineer: These days the job scenario in mechanical and civil engineering are changing.
Everyone wants to grow quickly in their professional career. So design engineering field is the best way to become a successful professional in the mechanical and civil domains.
A diploma in mechanical and civil engineering students and professionals wants to become successful design engineers. But they don’t know how to become it. So this article will help you with a few simple steps.

1. Basic Skill

There are a few basic skills that will be required to become from mechanical/ civil diploma engineer to design engineer,

Engineering Drawing Skills

Every engineer has learned engineering drawing during the 1st year of college time, so this one is the very basic skill that should be required to become a design engineer.
You should have knowledge of drafting sheet types, title block, dimensioning system, scaling, drawing tools, orthogonal views, fundamentals of drafting, tolerance system, and type of coordinates.

Basics of Production Process

Every design of the product always goes for the production process, So every designer has also knowledge of the production process.
There are a few basic production processes that required knowledge for every designer like,

1: Casting processes

  • Shell mould casting
  • Precision mould casting
  • Plaster mould casting
  • Permanent mould casting
  • Die casting
  • Centrifugal casting

2: Forming processes

  • Rolling forging
  • Drop forging
  • Press forging
  • Upset forging
  • Extrusion forging
  • Wire forging
  • Sheet metal operation

3: Fabrication processes

  • Gas welding
  • Electric arc welding
  • Electrical resistance welding
  • Thermo welding
  • Brazing welding
  • Soldering welding
  • Cold welding

4: Material removal processes

  • Turning
  • Drilling
  • Shaping and planning
  • Milling
  • Grinding
  • Broaching
  • Sawing
  • Trimming

2. Basics of Material Science

Below list is the industrial material that is mostly usable in design engineering. So you should learn about standard material. Some links are below which will help you to find industrial materials,

Classification of Materials | Engineering Material Classification

Material Condition Yield
Strength [ksi]
Strength [ksi]
Modulus [psi]
AISI 1020 Hot Rolled 32 50 25 29e6 0.283 0.32
Cold Worked 60 70 5
Stress Relieved 50 65 10
Annealed 28 48 30
Normalized 34 55 22
AISI 1045 Hot Rolled 45 75 15 29e6 0.283 0.32
Cold Worked 80 90 5
Stress Relieved 70 80 8
Annealed 35 65 20
Normalized 48 75 15
ASTM A36 36 58 21 29e6 0.283 0.3
ASTM A516 Grade 70 38 70 17 29e6 0.283 0.3

Most Common Material

Stainless Steel: SS304, SS301, SS301L
Aluminium: AISI1060, 1050, 2000, 3000, 4000 series
Mild Steel: EN8, EN9, MS2062,
Ductile Iron, Gray Cast Iron,
Plastic: ABS, Nylon 6/10,

3. CAD Skill

Knowledge of CAD software: (AutoCAD, SolidWorks, CATIA, Creo)
It is very important to learn CAD software if you want to become a design engineer. Every production and services company are working on design tools. There are wide range of design tools like AutoCAD, Solidworks, CATIA, Creo, ANSYS, Revit, 3Ds Max etc.
So at least you should learn one design tool, which will help you to start your design career.

But another thing is that, which software is best for beginners,

The basic software is AutoCAD which should be required for every beginner who wants to learn design. After having good knowledge in AutoCAD then you should go for another software like Solidworks, CATIA, Creo etc.
Only AutoCAD 2D is required for mechanical but 2D & 3D is required for the civil designer.

4. Basic of Data Management

It is not only required the skill of core technical but also the skill of data management. The knowledge of data management is mean you have to manage your daily work. So there are a few tasks which is related to data management are below,

  • Manage daily work,
  • Design record,
  • Bill of material preparation,
  • Bill of quantity preparation,
  • Design Cost calculation,
  • Quality verification,
  • Vendor development chart,
  • Modification chart,

These are the most important task which is required to do by every design engineer,

Tools required for data management

  • MS excel
  • MS word
  • MS Project
  • Primavera
  • Share Point

So knowledge of this software is also required, but you don’t need to become an expert, but at least basic knowledge is required.
So these are the few steps to become from diploma mechanical engineer to a design engineer.
Thanks for your precious time.

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