Who are CNC/ VMC programmers?

A professional has the skill in manufacturing in the mechanical, electrical, and electronic engineering process. Who also works in floor shop at the ground level of the production process. These professional have the soft skill in CNC and VMC software are listed below,

  1. Easel.
  2. Carbide Create.
  3. VCarve Pro CAD + CAM software.
  4. Autodesk Fusion 360.
  5. Solidworks.
  6. Inkscape 1.1.
  7. MeshCAM CAM Software.

This software plays a big role in CNC and VMC  programmer jobs.

They also need drawing reading skills for which they can analyze CAD drawings and use them for code generation.

They should also have skills in tool fixing and jig & fixture assembly on CNC of VMC machines.

Job role of CNC/VMC programmer

They get the information of CAD drawings and change as per their manufacturing norms and implement to engineering change order.

They need to analyze CAD 2D or 3D models and need to change as per standard coordinate system so that the dimensions will calculate as per standard.

A CNC or VMC programmer should have knowledge of CAM software as well like SolidCAM or NX CAM. SO that they feed the 3D model into the CAM software and this CAM software will generate G-code & M-code.

The G-code & M-code will feed to CNC and VMC machines in which other software already working inside this machine, and this software will help to interact with the machine and CAM software. So the programmer will also need to know about the graphic user interface of CNC software and they can feed G or M code into these machine software.

Who are design engineers?

  1. A Professional who has strong technical skills in machine design from basic manufacturing 2 development of the production process,
  2. A designer can develop a product from raw material to final output using their technical and management skills with using CAD tools like AutoCAD solid work CATIA creo and many more.
  3. A designer has also the skill to analyze the product life cycle in which they can cast the future requirement and life of the product so that the company will analyze the cost of the whole manufacturing process not only in the current scenario but also in the future.

The job role of design engineer

  1. A design engineer has the skill to analyze the requirement of the product as per client demand so that they can calculate the cost of material resources and manpower therefore he can develop the design.
  2. A design engineer has strong CAD software skills like AutoCAD Solidworks, CATIA, and creo so that they can easily design.
  3. They also need to work with the manufacturing team and guide the production team.
  4. After manufacturing, a designer should also check the quality of the prototype/ sample product.
  5. They need to calculate the product life cycle for future demand. Also need to calculate BOM & BOQ for production purposes.
  6. They need to prepare ISO or other standard documents for their designed product.

Skill required to become CNC Programmer to Design engineer

1.      Basic Technical Skills

  • Basics knowledge of manufacturing processes like fabrication, Machining, forming operations, etc.
  • Knowledge of jig, fixtures, and different kinds of tools that will use for machining operations like single-point cutting tools, 2-point cutting tools, etc.,
  • Knowledge of engineering change order which will use to issue the notice to the relevant team/ vendor,

2.      CAD Software Skill

  • Knowledge of 2D & 3D design software like AutoCAD, Solidworks, CATIA, creo,
  • Drawing reading and modifications skills,
  • Knowledge of geometric dimensioning & tolerance,
  • Knowledge of industrial standard grades for, fasteners, tools, measuring equipment so that they use in CAD software,

3.      Quality Verification and validation

  • Need to verify the quality of the final product,
  • Need to validate if any changes are required,
  • Knowledge of ECO/ ECN for any kind of modifications,
  • Need to prepare quality documents as per industrial standards.

4.      Business Analysis of Design

  • Need to understand the business requirements for the designed product,
  • Forecast the demand for NPD,
  • Product life cycle management skills,

With the all above skills a CNC or VMC programmer can become a design engineer, they just need to focus on the skill and dedication must require.

Which one is better?

So this is a tough question because each area has some positive and some negative things so we can judge only on the basis of negative points. So it depends upon the interest and job profile of each individual, if someone has an interest in CNC or VMC then it is better for him and vice versa with Design.  

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