Tips to getting Job for Fresher 

Nowadays it is very difficult to find a job for fresher and many industries are avoid to hire fresher candidates, So they always get issues after college pass out.
There are many reasons for the rejection of fresher candidates. After research human resources, we found some important reasons for rejection.
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Three important reasons

  • Lack of Technical Knowledge,
  • Zero Experience
  • No Industrial Knowledge

Lack of Technical Knowledge/ Skills

Most of the companies think about fresher candidates is that they don’t have enough technical knowledge in their relevant skills so that they always avoid fresher.
But it is not your fault, it happens due to training institutions where you go to learn new skills but those training institutes always scam with you and they rob the candidates. Even though they will also not provide complete knowledge so that you will not get proper skills and you will try to get a job but you get rejection.
So whenever you go for training then you must be aware of those institute background and also ask for trainer skill, knowledge, and experience, if the trainer have industrial experience then you can join those institute.
And also be sure that the placement process, means at the admission time they promise for placement but after completion, they will say that “will call you later”. So make sure they will also stay with their word till the end of the course.

Zero Experience

Obviously fresher have no experience and its a big worst thinking in the employer. fresher is the college pass out so how they can get industrial experience and where they will go for job if all companies will hire only experienced persons.
So this is the biggest reason where fresher always struggles.

No Industrial Knowledge

Industries also know that the fresher doesn’t have industrial knowledge and if they will hire fresher then they need to spend time and money to prepare for productivity.  So they avoid hiring fresher because they want output from day 1.
but you don’t need to worry about that every problem always comes with a solution so we have solution to this national problem.

 6 steps to get a job for fresher quickly

  • Skills required for industries
  • Industrial Knowledge
  • Communication & Personality
  • Training & Projects
  • Apply at Genuine Job Portals
  • Backend process

1. Skills required for industries

Some skills are earned only by the experienced employee so the company always thing that fresher cant get such knowledge so they don’t hire.
If fresher can also get knowledge of such skills then it will be easy to get a job quickly.

Industrial Skills

  • Management Software (MS Office, MS Project, Primavera)

Nowadays it is very important that the employee has multi-skills and the company always expects that his employee would be an allrounder. So you must have knowledge of management software like Microsoft office, word, excel, PowerPoint, Microsoft Project, or Primavera.
Whatever core technical skill you have but you also need these skills to manage you work and if you will get a chance to grow yourself then these skills would help you a lot.

This skill is also must required if fresher wants to get a job quickly because nowadays every company is working with quality management system and they also expect that if they hire any candidate then he should also knowledge of quality management systems.
If you don’t have any idea about QMS then you can learn about the Six Sigma course and KAIZEN concept. These courses will explain how to maintain the quality of industrial products and which approach you need to adopt.

  • ISO Documentations

Nowadays every company is working with government regulation and with industrial standards so they need to certified from ISO. So company always recommends those who have knowledge of ISO.
Honestly its quite not easy to understand about ISO things for fresher but it is a challenge for you. So if you will try to understand from the internet about ISO documentation and about policy then it would be very beneficial for you.

  • Standard Raw Material (Standard Material Codes)

Industries always work on standard material and that material always called by their code name not only by common name so you also need to understand what are these material codes.
It depends on the material category suppose mild steel has more than hundreds of different types with their specific code name like MS 2062, EN8, etc.
All the above skills are the most important things for a job if you want with 6 steps to get a fresher job.

2. Industrial Knowledge

Companies also willing that people should also have knowledge of the industrial environment.  So you should also be aware that you can search on google about the industrial work process. Suppose you want a job in designing then you can search “how the work is going in design engineering industries” like that. You can search for industrial design process and which department is involved in design engineering.
If you will analyze the above thing then definitely it will help a lot to find a job quickly.

3. Communication & Personality

One of the most important reasons for rejection is communication any personality and due to this, every company avoids fresher.
So you also need to improve your communication and personality development skills. Meaning of communication is not only spoken but also it is the way of speaking and the selection of words at the right time.
Lots of youtube videos available from where you can improve your communication skill and you can get job with our 6 easy steps.

4. Training & Projects

Freshers always do mistakes that they do not mention their training and project detail in their resume but it is a fact that it makes a big impression in from=nt of the interviewer.
So whenever you apply for job then make sure you have mentioned your past training and executed project during the academic period. Definitely it will help you to get a job quickly.

5. Apply at Genuine Job Portals

It’s very important that where you are applying for a job. There are lots of job portals to get jobs quickly but they do scam with fresher candidates, So you need to verify that job portal before applying.
My opinion is is one of the most trusted job portals for fresher and experienced, but before applying here you need to improve your self with all above steps.
And the most important thing is you have to complete a 100% profile in and you have to visit daily and apply for a job at least 10 companies. you have to do on a daily basis till 2 months continuously then you will able to get a job as per your core skill.

6. Backend process

I’m sure if you do all above technique then 90% of chance to get job for fresher quickly, but in case If you will not able to get a job after have all above step then you can follow this backend process.
With all above information, it is clear that all companies demands experienced person but fresher don’t have, So what you need to do in this process you have to prepare experience certificate from your skills related industry but it happen only when you have a jack in any industry or you have contact with an industrial person or working employee.
Once you get an experience letter then you will able to mention in your resume and you will not be called fresher then you will be treated as experienced but make sure this method will apply when you have all the above skills.
Finally, these are the 6 easy steps to get a job for fresher quickly just in one or two months. So don’t be late and start working on yourselves.

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