Course – SolidWorks Standard

Duration – 40 hrs
Content –

  • Sketching & Solid Modeling – To design 2D and convert into 3D solid model.
  • CAD Modeling and Animation – To develop 3D, animated movie of product design
  • Assembly Design – To design parts and assemble
  • Sheet Metal Design – To design parts which are to be fabricated with sheet metal
  • Surfacing – To develop surface design plastic & other material products
  • Weldment Design – To model welded structures with standard structural members
  • Tolerance Analysis – To analyze the tolerance level of each part individually and of parts when functioning collectively
  • CAD Library – To turn up productivity by using CAD library
  • Interference Check – To check how all the parts fit among themselves and operate according to the requirement
  • Rendering – Material selection, visualization, photoview

Detail Content

Introduction: History, Industrial uses, benefits, career scope, why we need SW
GUI: Layout interface, screen option management, drag & drop system, introduction to all options available on screen
Sketching: Draw tool, modification tools, view option, types of sketch, dimensioning & tolerances, block, spline tool, relations, equation.
Feature/ Solid Modeling: Extrude, revolve, sweep loft, boundary and their cut tool, hole wizard, pattern, shell, wrap, draft, interface, flex, combine, copy/move, dome, cosmetic thread, curves, rib, freeform, deform, indent
Reference Geometry: Plane, axis, coordinate system, point
Surfacing: Extrude, revolve, sweep, loft, boundary field surface, freeform, planar surface, offset, ruled surface, surface flatten, fillet, delete and replace face extend surface and untrim surface Kint surface thicken
Sheet Metal: Base Flange, convert to sheet metal, lofted bend, age flange miter flange, hem, jog, sketch bend, cross break, corners, forming tool, sheet metal gusset, simple hole, vent, unfold, fold, flattern sketch bend, design library
Weldment: Weldment, structure member, trim, extend, extrude, end cap, gusset, weld bead, hole wizard, chamfer, fillet bead, 3D sketching
Assembly: Import component, basic mates, pattern, collision detection, interference detection, explode view, top down & bottom up assemblies,
Drafting: 2D drawing, views, annotations, layer, dimensions, tolerances, engineering symbols, datum, blocks, table, balloon, BOM, table

Currently we are providing online classes which includes live class, video tutorial and study material. For start this course please contact with us.

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