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Meet The Crew!
🐢 Harry
🦐 Ralph
🦎 Lucy & Lemon
🐠 Nemo & Marlin
🐡 Puff & Peewee
🪦 R.I.P. Kirby

Over the past 30 days, I turned a GIANT fish tank into a lush ecosystem for my new baby axolotl! It took a month to capture this transformation and I can’t wait for you to see the end result. Our ecosystem is a true Lost World and home to tiny bugs, shrimp and snails and our new adorable baby axolotl. Help me name her in the comments!

A very special thank you to Jake from Axolotl Planet for hosting us and to Alexander Klepnev for Тихоходка footage under CC 4.0 License.

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