0:18 – Are horseshoe crabs dangerous? The short answer is no. Horseshoe crabs do not bite or sting. Despite the ferocious look of the tail, it is not used as a weapon. Instead, horseshoe crabs use their tails for righting themselves if they are flipped over by a wave.

1:24 – Hunters in Canada encounter a bull moose in the wild. Even though the Ontario moose is majestic, it’s still a wild animal that has a natural instict. If it attacks, it probably means that it’s being provoked. The best things to do with these kinds of animals is to just watch them quietly and don’t try to approach them. They can attack any time

2:29 – During a Yellowstone snowmobile tour, these folks run into some aggressive wild bisons. I surely wouldn’t want to be in front of one of those. Bisons are said to have a charge speed of about 35 mph at the weight of 1400 – 2000 pounds. All of this calculates to over 13,000 Newtons of force, yikes !

3:29 – Black bears are often attracted to people’s food sources and they can get used to the presence of humans. However, they’re typically not aggressive and fear the “repercussions of attacking someone,” according to experts. “They’re kind of timid animals” but regardless , having one breathe down your neck isn’t a pleasant experience to have

4:25 – A leopard in chandrapur India attacks an officer. The officer is very brave, notice how he doesn’t try to harm the leopard but in fact he merely tries to push it back. He also cleverly avoids the attacks with his shield and prevents the leopard from biting him. It’s an extremely dangerous task but because of their tireless services, conservation of these animals are in good hands

5:36 – This may come off as a glitch in the matrix but rest assured that it’s not. Morocco’s tree-climbing goats have made headlines in recent years. Often described as a natural phenomenon unique to the North African nation, their climbing is instinctual to an extent: The goats are attracted to the fruits and, agile as they are, will clamber up to reach the pulpy treats.

6:23 – In this clip, a wild rhino freely roams the streets of the city sauraha chitwan of Nepal. People in the city especially tourists couldn’t resist the sight of the large beast up close so they went in to get a clear video. It’s not recommended to do so but hey, how often can you say you’ve seen a wild rhino in the flesh?

7:05 – Every now and then wildlife animals in safari tours will start to get aggressive with the tour busses and vehicles and may even charge in for an attack. In fact, that’s exactly what happens here in this footage as an an aggressive elephant charges at a safari Jeep in Sri Lanka. Here’s a POV you wouldn’t wanna witness in person

7:57 – Check out this close encounter with an elk in the hills. The photogenic elk got really close in this one, enough to get a close up shot from the camera. These special creatures move around widely and most often spend night times feeding in varying areas for grazing opportunities

8:35 – Viewers of a safari tour in South Africa encounter the king of the jungle , or rather the queen lioness I should say. In the beginning it seemed fine for the tourists to see the lioness come up close but as it starts to close the gap one of the tourists timidly inquires the safari bus driver if it was alright to move on. Watch until the end

9:16 – The water moccasins are a species of pit viper. It is one of the world’s few semiaquatic vipers, and is native to the southeastern United States. As an adult, it is large and capable of delivering a painful and potentially fatal bite. Here in this clip you can actually see what an attack from this deadly snake looks like as it delivers a quick bite at the camera, wait until the end to see it

9:59 – It’s amazing that one of the kayakers in this clip was able to capture this rare sight on footage. Two manatees were found swimming together but get this , they were both hugging underwater. Wait and see !

10:29 – A leopard tries to enter a villa somewhere in manipal India however, thankfully for the residents, their guard dog could bark at it enough for the leopard to flee from the area. All of this was captured by the home’s CCTV placed in front of the garage

11:22 – As per natural instincts like every other type of fox , this cunning red fox is sly and maneuvers it’s way around the hiker’s camp site to get to the food. If you’re not careful, your entire lunch could disappear without you knowing it

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